Founded by a team of 15 years of experience in 2018, KIT Finance deals with finance and accounting, and serves to entrepreneurs in the micro, small and mid-level, throughout the whole country. Our company analyzes the fluctuations in the economy in advance in order to predict whether they bring danger or opportunities, and helps entrepreneurs reach their goals. KIT Finance offers you services such as development and implementation of business and financial plans, establishment of partnerships, boost of investment value, all complying to the international standards. Apart from being a challenging rival, we also have a pleased and loyal client portfolio.

KIT Finance helps you make your business more reliable by offering you services such as development of proposals and strategies to support tenders, research and preparation of documents for compliance with the law, and posting them on the portal. Knowing that all reports must be properly performed to ensure the continuity of the company, we offer the services of registration of strict accounting forms, preparation of turnover balance sheets, and cash flow. The consultation we offer our clients about all the services provided by KIT Finance is free of charge. At the same time, using one of the services of our company, you can get any service of other companies included in the KIT Group at a discount.


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KIT FINANCE Room 501A , Floor 5, Bldg. 1A, Chinar Park B/C, Ahmad Rajabli str., Baku, Azerbaijan
+994 51 230 66 21 +994 77 330 66 16