KIT Group established KIT Trade in 2020, taking into account the need for centralized management in the field of coordination of sales, procurement, import and export activities.

Our sales organization and representative service includes the opening of a store or representative office to sell the desired product, the purchase of the product for sales, its customs operations, delivery, placement, and establishment of financial system.

Our supply and delivery service includes activities that allow the customer to obtain the required product at any time and place, at the most reasonable price.

Our coordination services in the field of import and export include activities such as import and export process management, logistics for companies, transportation of goods, customs clearance, product certification, storage and delivery of goods.

Barter service is a form of activity that the parties obtain free of charge and reciprocate in return. Our barter service includes up to 100% barter payment, depending on the volume of goods or services offered and the duration of cooperation.

As KIT Trade, together with our professional team, we constantly research into innovations and try to make our customers profitable in both domestic and international markets.

The consultation we offer to our clients about all the services provided by KIT Trade is free of charge. At the same time, using one of the services of our company, you can get any service of other companies included in the KIT Group at a discount.


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