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Financial and accounting services

Fluctuations in economy affect every business in a certain way.  These fluctuations may cause setbacks to the businesses as much as they bring about opportunities. Companies must always be able to take advantage of these opportunities and target for tackling the drawbacks with profit.  For this reason, all companies need adept financial specialists.

In case of negligent financial services, companies may face troubles at meeting the liabilities before relevant government bodies, customers, contractors and partners. Our company is always ready to support you at preventing these kind of problems and figure the way out on the off chance of occurrence.

We constantly monitor all the changes taking place in various sectors of the economy any by providing our expert opinion on how they can affect the business, we help you  solve your problems in accordance with market needs.

KIT FINANCE offers you Finance and Accounting services operated by its experienced staff to help you reach your goals.  


Preparing financial plans

Establishing financial systems

Analysis and audit of financial reports

Advising on changing finance and taxation legislation

Professional support in resolving management and regulatory issues

Conducting SWOT analyzes for sustainability

Laying financial, marketing and sales plans

Devising business plans

Advising entrepreneurs on the correct direction of capital (investment).


 Accounting Services

For financial stability of the company, all the statements must be handled properly. We are ready to provide you with the flawless accounting services

Registration of strict accounting forms

Analysis and inventory of receivables and payables

Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual turnover-balance tables

Preparation of reports on profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and changes in equity.


Tax Accounting Services

Our company will help you build the minimum tax payment plans, profiting by the tax deductions, in a legal manner. With the service we offer, you will be able to clearly see how many assets and how many liabilities you have in the monthly, quarterly and annual spreadsheets, and you will be able to move more confidently in making decisions.


Submission of reports

Submission of annual reports to relevant government bodies (such as Tax declarations, State Social Insurance, Statistics reports etc).

Advisory services on taxation, tax planning and tax risk (re-examination of submitted declarations, informing the entrepreneur about financial sanctions and penalties awaiting in the future field inspections).


Support in Tenders (Public Procurement) Our Electronic Portal Services

Our company helps you to make your work more reliable by offering you services such as preparation of proposals and strategies to support tenders, research and preparation of documents in accordance with the legislation, their placement on the electronic portal.


Collection of legal documents and placement on the portal

Preparation of proposals and placement on the portal

Preparation of applications and placement on the portal







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