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Eco-tours and Summit walking tours

Ecotourism is a whole of services that enables you to see natural landscapes, as well as several summits inside and outside the country which will take pleasure by doing it. Our company organizes summit walking tours and eco-extreme tours in and out of the country. Tours are led by Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Russian speaking guides. Tour itinerary is arranged according to corporate and individual customers. At the same time, our company implements your private tour requests with the motto of "You ask, We do".

One of the most important principles of eco-tourism is the safety of tour and tourists at high level. We achieve this through our intensive training program and professional guides. Therefore, the tours and summits walking tours we organize are for both experienced and inexperienced travelers.

We are happy to be your travel mate!

Summit walking tours:

  • Bazarduzu summit (4466 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Shahdagh summit (4243 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Tufan summit (4191 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Bazaryurd summit (4126 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Chingiz summit (4062 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Ilham summit (4042 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Haydar summit (3751 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Ataturk summit (3759 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Gizilgaya summit (3726 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Khinaligh summit (3713 m, Azerbaijan);
  • Elbrus summit (5672 m, Russia);
  • Kazbek summit (5033 m, Georgia);
  • Savalan summit (4811 m, Iran);
  • Damavand summit (5672 m, Iran);
  • Aghri summit (5137 m, Turkey);
  • Ibn Sina (Lenin) summit (7134 m, Tajikistan);
  • Khan Tengri summit (7010 m, Kyrgyzstan);


Trekking and hiking tours:

  • Khinaligh tour, Guba;
  • Griz waterfall, Guba;
  • Galakhudat-Griz-Laza tour, Guba;
  • Laza tour, Gusar;
  • Laza, Mikhtoken tour, Gusar;
  • Yeddi Gozel Waterfall tour, Gabala;
  • Lahij, Nialdagh tour, Ismayilli;
  • Fit mountain tour, Ismayilli;
  • Garanohur lake tour, Ismayilli;
  • Chiraggala tour, Shabran;
  • Nohur lakes tour, Shabran;
  • Ilisu tour, Gax;
  • Goygol-Maralgol tour, Ganja.


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